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Commercial Site Development, Institutional and Residential Development
Commercial Site Development

Commercial Developments require a certain appeal to succeed. High visibility, good access and a systematic layout are just a couple of the key elements that can enhance a commercial site. Our experience can help you to lay the ground work for a thriving commerce center. We will work with you to develop different layout options to maximize the versatility and functionality of your sight. All developments require a certain amount of infrastructure to support everyday needs. Often this work is out of site, but that does not mean it needs to be out of mind. With a little forethought we can help ensure that the basic necessities will be there to support you for years to come while minimizing maintenance down the road. From schematic design through construction we can help you to incorporate the features you want while working within the budget.


Be it a congregation of 100 or 1000, churches have unique needs when it comes to site planning, design and construction. They also require a specialized project manager who can embrace a team approach to decision making while helping to realize vision with limited budgets.

Residential Development

Everyone deserves a community to call home. We can help facilitate residential communities that enhance the natural features of the site creating a harmonic balance where residents can relax. Using both structural and natural features we can create and environment that is appealing to future residents. Many planned residential developments offer a variety of housing options. By clustering apartments, town homes, condos, and single family residential units into a single development families can choose the style that fits their needs without looking elsewhere. This approach also allows a family to relocate within the same neighborhood as their family situation changes throughout life.
Infrastructure, Parks & Recreation

The backbone of a community is its transportation and utility systems. We rely on streets as a primary means for moving goods, accessing services and simply to get to work. Often unseen, we rely on underground utility networks for the most essential of needs such as potable water and sanitation. The cost of constructing and maintaining public infrastructure is often a community's greatest financial liability. With this in mind, we work closely with community leaders to assess and plan to meet not just current but future needs to ensure the most effective use of public resources. Many public improvements have a useful life of thirty years or more. This necessitates a thorough and deliberate design approach that considers all facets of an improvement from material selection to safety. The implementation of a plan is undoubtedly its most important phase. We intentionally focus on factors such as cost, safety and schedule during the planning and design phases to ensure construction can be as efficient and effective as possible.

Parks & Recreation

The common thread between most growing communities can be found in their commitment to parks and schools. When searching for a home, many families would say that access to safe open spaces and trails lands near the top of their list. We work closely with Recreation Professionals to design spaces that are conducive to outdoor activities while balancing safety and security. We believe that the development of a trail system is often the best way to make parks accessible while providing additional activities like biking, hiking or just walking the dog.
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